We have partnered with over 30 of Australia’s best banana growers in Tully, Innisfail, Mareeba, Lakeland and Coffs Harbour to supply Cavendish and Lady Finger bananas to our Australian customers 365 days of the year.

Our bananas are ethically sourced, meaning workers both on-farm and throughout the supply chain are paid appropriately, receive all legal minimum entitlements and work in safe conditions. This is something we take very seriously.

We are mindful of our impact on the environment around us and adopt sustainable farming practices and environmentally friendly innovations to ensure Australian bananas can be enjoyed for years to come.

Nutrano is proudly the only Australian member of the World Banana Forum with access to world’s top practices, R&D and management of crop on category initiatives.

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Cavendish bananas are the most common variety of banana in Australia. They are a medium-large sized banana loved for its creamy, smooth texture and thin peel.

Australian banana growers believe the Cavendish has set the standard for prime banana taste, consistency and texture, leading the fruit to become widely popular in international markets; with Cavendish bananas making up 51% of global banana production in 2016.


Cavendish bananas are perfect for baking when brown specks appear, in contrast with Lady Finger bananas which are ready to eat when brown specks appear.

Lady Finger

Lady Finger bananas are smaller than regular bananas and are straighter, shorter and plumper in shape.

Lady Finger bananas are available year-round in Australia, as our tropical climate provides perfect conditions for our Australian banana growers.


Lady Finger bananas are fantastic for baking and are best eaten when brown specks appear.


Nutrano is proud to partner with Pacific Coast Eco Bananas as the exclusive marketer of Ecoganic Red Tip Bananas in the domestic and export market.

This variety of banana uses a patented Ecoganic farming system where the bananas are grown in harmony with nature using sustainable practices that are:
  • Better for the land – Bananas are grown without the use of synthetic or organic chemicals
  • Better for the eco systems – Ecoganic banana growth uses creature friendly farming with no impact on the eco-system ie insects, reptiles, birds and other animals


Not only are Ecognic bananas amazing for both our Australian banana growers and the environment, they’re also better for you - providing a superior, sweeter taste and more creamy texture.


Our Organic bananas are certified Organic and are produced without the use of synthetic chemical fertilisers, pesticides or other artificial chemicals.

Purchasing organic bananas helps support both the environment and our Australian banana growers, with the step away from pesticides allowing crops to develop in their most delicious, natural form.


Place peeled chopped banana chunks in a bag or container in the freezer ready for adding to smoothies or whiz in the food processor for a creamy banana soft serve dessert – a delicious and healthier alternative to ice cream.


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our brands include

Farm Patch

The instantly recognisable and trusted Farm Patch brand promises true Australian grown, high-quality produce, and is available year-round on our Cavendish bananas and Organic bananas.


Partnership with Pacific Coast Eco Bananas as the exclusive marketer of Eco Bananas in the domestic and export market. With the iconic red wax tips to distinguish that have been grown to the highest eco-growing standards in the world and by the hard work and love of every creature (big and small) on their farms.

Bananas farms

We have over 30 dedicated banana growers throughout Far North Queensland and Coffs Harbour in New South Wales.

  • Far North Queensland
    We have over 30 Bananas growers located in Tully, Innisfail, Mareeba and Lakeland.
  • Coffs Harbour
    We have dedicated banana growers in Tweed and Coffs Harbour areas of New South Wales.

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