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We work closely with our dedicated growers who share our passion for farming and growing quality fresh produce for customers throughout Australia and globally.

We sell and market produce to major supermarket chains, independent retailers, wholesale trade and export markets under strict cold chain and quality standards.

If you share our passion for quality fresh produce, then we welcome you to join the Nutrano family and explore how we can help your business grow through our various services including agronomy advice, packing, storage, logistics through to sales and marketing.

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We bring the highest quality produce to customers locally and globally.


Our team of experts have an enormous range of product knowledge and resources at their fingertips.

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Our vertically integrated and state of the art supply chain ensures that we deliver quality produce all year round.

Meet our growers

Liz Childs | Farm Manager - Abbotsleigh Citrus Farm

Liz started from humble beginnings at Abbotsleigh Citrus farm as a general farm hand in 2007. Her desire to work with people and determination to learn different areas of farm operations including Irrigation and Picking, led to her various promotions and career progression. She knows the farm intimately having walked and travelled every row and block.

Last year, Liz completed an Accelerated Leadership Performance Program run by Women & Leadership Australia, a national initiative supporting women in business and community leadership roles.

Liz grew up in Brisbane, then moved to Western Australia for 10 years before returning home and finding her dream home in a town called Gin Gin. “I love the fast paced, challenging and fun atmosphere at Abbotsleigh Citrus Farm as well as working with a great team of people, and it never gets boring as every day is different.”

Josh Clementson | General Manger Katherine Operations

Josh joined Nutrano in 2018 with more than 20 years of farming and fruit processing experience; with a degree in Agriculture Business Management. Josh leads our Katherine Operations including Eumaralla Farm which home to our Lady Jane Mangoes, Kensington Pride and R2E2 Mangoes as well as Lemons and Grapefruit and Katherine Packing Shed operations.

Josh is highly focussed on producing A-grade fruit and streamlining systems and procedures ensuring the best outcome for our customers, our staff and farm for the future years to come. Josh has been instrumental in implementing biosecurity measures at our Eumaralla Farm in Katherine to ensure that our citrus farm is canker free.

Tommy Braybrook | Farm Manager - Sunwest Farm

Tommy’s journey started back in 2006 - when he decided he wasn’t too keen on moving to the big city for a uni degree. His love for the outdoors and horticulture led to his first “real” job in the vineyards with Sevenfields Management maintaining irrigation drippers. Tommy gained valuable hands on experience in various farm roles including hand pruning, pulling weeds, wire removal and tractor duties which led him progressing from Farm Hand to Operations Supervisor.

Tommy now manages our Sunwest Farm in Sunraysia which is home to one of Australia's largest Afourer mandarin and Australian-grown Delite mandarin crop. “It’s been exciting and challenging times working at Sunwest Farm the last 7 years and I get a great sense of pride when I see how much our customers all around the world love our Sunwest Citrus and Delite mandarins.”

Andy Hancock | Farm Manager - Hattah & Tarcoola Farm

Andy Hancock is responsible for two of our farms in the Nangiloc area of Sunraysia - Hattah and Tarcoola where we grow oranges, mandarins, lemons and grapefruit. Originally from South Australia where he spent most of his working life in the wine and viticulture industry.

Andy started his career at Nutrano (formerly Seven Fields) at the Eumaralla Farm in Katherine NT overseeing the mango and citrus orchards before relocating to Sunraysia.

“It has been an amazing journey so far, with the opportunities to work in different areas around the country, all with new experiences with different crops and in varying climates and most importantly working with some amazing people as well”

Frank Sciacca | Pacific Eco Bananas

Frank Sciacca is the mastermind behind Eco Bananas. Pioneering the banana industry with sustainable Ecoganic farm practices that uses the natural eco system to grow their Eco Bananas in harmony with nature. The iconic red wax tips distinguishes that have been grown to the highest eco-growing standards in the world and by the hard work and love of every creature (big and small) on their farms.

Nutrano is proud to be in partnership with Frank Sciacca as the exclusive marketer of Pacific Coast Eco Bananas in the domestic and export market.

Dean Morris | Delite Mandarins Grower

Dean is an accomplished and passionate citrus grower and is one of Australia's pioneers of Delite mandarins. Dean’s family farm is located in Leeton, New South Wales, one of Australia’s prime citrus growing regions where the weather, soil and moisture combine to produce seedless, vibrant and delicious Delite mandarins.


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