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We work closely with our dedicated growers who share our passion for farming and growing quality fresh produce for customers throughout Australia and globally.

We sell and market produce to major supermarket chains, independent retailers, wholesale trade and export markets under strict cold chain and quality standards.

If you share our passion for quality fresh produce, then we welcome you to join the Nutrano family and explore how we can help your business grow through our various services including agronomy advice, packing, storage, logistics through to sales and marketing.

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We bring the highest quality produce to customers locally and globally.


Our team of experts have an enormous range of product knowledge and resources at their fingertips.

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Our vertically integrated and state of the art supply chain ensures that we deliver quality produce all year round.

Meet our growers

Tommy Braybrook | Sunraysia Farms Manager

Meet Tommy, an accomplished Farm Manager whose unwavering commitment to nurturing success in our Sunraysia citrus farms is truly remarkable. His journey with the former Seven Fields operations began in 2006 with his hands in the soil, fostering a profound understanding and passion for cultivating premium-quality produce. From overseeing orchards and harvests to optimizing irrigation systems Tommy's expertise spans the entire spectrum of citrus farming.

Tommy's leadership and experience is pivotal in propelling our farm's success. Fuelled by an unwavering commitment to innovation, he consistently explores and implements the latest agricultural technologies and sustainable practices.

Today, Tommy oversees our Sunraysia Properties, which include the Sunwest Farm, a sanctuary for one of Australia's most extensive Afourer mandarin and Australian-grown Delite mandarin crops. Reflecting on his experiences, Tommy remarks, "Working at Sunwest Farm has been a rewarding and multifaceted journey. Witnessing the global appreciation for our Sunwest Citrus and Delite mandarins fills me with immense pride and satisfaction."

Dale McDonald | Eumaralla Farm Manager

Dale joined Nutrano in 2014, starting in Abbotsleigh Citrus Farm (QLD) where he delved into the heart of citrus production. In early 2022, Dale embarked on a new chapter as the Eumaralla Farm Manager in Katherine (NT), where we grow our delicious Lady Jane Mangoes, Sweet Cheeks Kensington Pride and R2E2 Mangoes.

Dale has cultivated a profound passion for agriculture and every facet of farming, both above the and below the ground. Leveraging on his extensive background, Dale has taken on the exciting challenge of spearheading large-scale expansion projects at Eumaralla Farm. This role has allowed Dale to harness his strengths and experience in agriculture to drive the growth and development of the farm, while collaborating with a team of passionate individuals dedicated to producing premium fruits for our customers.


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