supply chain


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Our robust and fully integrated supply chain means that we’re in control every step of the way, ensuring we deliver the freshest and tastiest produce for consumers to enjoy.

Our pack houses are located close to our farms and orchards, along with ripening and cool chain facilities throughout Australia. Our relationships with leading supermarkets and the export market means that we have a range of customers with different needs, and we are able to supply to their specifications.


We supply our produce direct to major supermarket chains and independent retailers throughout Australia under strict cold chain and quality standards.


We have access to the Wholesale produce markets in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, servicing hundreds of independent retailers.


Our vertically-integrated supply chain enables us to service customers across the globe. We provide premium fresh produce with export certification to key international markets including Asia, the Middle East, Europe, USA, Canada, NZ and more.

Cold storage

Our cold storage facilities are capable of a wide range of temperature zones to suit customer specifications and optimise the quality of produce. We are committed to keeping our produce in the best possible conditions for maximum shelf life. We offer our cold storage services to growers as well as retailer customers and market agencies.


From our farms to our packing facilities, to markets and distribution centres right across the country, our logistics team have the resources, industry experience and infrastructure to ensure the most efficient delivery of produce to our customers.


Our citrus packing facilities are located close to our orchards in the Katherine, Central Burnett and Sunraysia regions. We can offer packing and consolidation services across our locations with complete traceability. Post-harvest, all our fruit is handled and treated with utmost care and attention.


We are committed to growing and supplying safe, quality produce to Australia and abroad. With robust quality management systems that monitor our produce through the supply chain, we ensure we comply with international quality standards including Global GAP, HARPS, Safe Quality Food (SQF) as well as export certifications to key international markets.


We adopt industry leading safety practices and processes at all sites and provide training to staff, contractors as well as our grower partners. Safety underpins everything we do and we strive to provide a safe environment for our team, contractors and customers to operate in.


We have dedicated category sales management teams for each of our categories to support our customers requests and the needs of the consumer. We stay on top of customer insights and market trends to deliver category excellence in our core categories, and have direct relationships with major supermarket retailers and independent retailers.

Agronomic support

We employ many expert agronomists who can support our growers in delivering improved tree health, better yields and quality fruit resulting in better eating experience for customers and maximising grower profitability.