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New Season Delite Mandarins

19 August 2020

Australian-grown Delite mandarin season is officially underway with fruit now available in all Woolworths stores across the country.

Nutrano Produce Group is the largest grower and exclusive marketer of Delite mandarins. The collective success of the Delite mandarin program since its inception over 8 years ago is underpinned by strict quality standards that are maintained across a number of best in class citrus growers around Australia.

“Our growers are incredibly passionate about growing Delite mandarins. They continue to honour the strict brand guidelines and quality specification for Delite mandarins including seed count, brix and juice level to consistently deliver a great eating experience for consumers. We are pleased to have several key WA growers on board this year which has allowed a WA-grown Delite program for Western Australia.” says Mr Simon Raj – General Manager of Sales and Marketing at Nutrano Produce Group.

Nutrano Produce Group continues to invest in the future growth of the Delite mandarin program including crop protective nets across its farming operations in Victoria and continuing support for WA growers, as well as an established nursery onsite its Sunraysia property planted with new Delite trees to meet the growing consumer demand.

“Last year we rolled out the ‘Fruitful of Smiles’ campaign which resonated well with consumers. We continue to pay homage to the quality standards Delite customers have become accustomed to being sweet, seedless and easy to peel” says Mr Raj.

“This year, our marketing campaign has been adjusted to reflect the COVID-19 landscape and changes in consumer behaviour which has seen a shift in cooking and eating more at home and increased use of digital and social media. But most importantly the need for healthy snacking and boost vitamin C intake at a time when overall health and wellness is top of mind for all Australians.”

New recipe ideas have been developed to provide easy food inspiration for the home cooks and get the kids involved in the kitchen as well as fun interactive ways to keep the kids entertained and get them to eat healthy fresh fruit.”

Delite mandarins
are now available in all Woolworths stores for a limited time. Look for the vibrant orange mandarins with the blue Delite stickers or the 700g Prepacks.

Dean and John Morris NSW Delite Grower

Dean and John Morris - NSW Delite Grower

Joseph Ling WA Delite Grower 1

Joseph Ling - WA Delite Grower

Tommy Braybrook Nutrano Sunraysia Delite Grower 1

Tommy Braybrook - VIC Delite Grower

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