Rich in antioxidants and packed with nutrients, our blueberries are carefully grown and hand-picked at their prime to ensure they are plum, sweet and juicy.

Grown in Central Burnett, our expert growers are renowned for producing delicious and juicy berries packed with goodness.

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Our blueberries are grown at our Abbotsleigh Farm in Central Burnett under a protected cropping environment.

We sell and distribute our blueberries through our affiliation with Smart Berries to leading supermarkets and greengrocers across Australia.


Small but mighty, our blueberries are full of nutrients to boost your heart health, brain function and improve your overall nutrition and wellbeing


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our brands include

Smart Berries

Grower partnership with Smart Berries - a popular blueberry brand available from leading grocery stores across Australia. Our premium blueberries are sweet and juicy with firm, smooth texture and irresistible flavour.

Betty Blues

Grower partnership with Smart Berries to supply Betty Blues - an exclusive blueberries wholesale brand sold at leading grocers across Sydney. Our berries are renowned for their sweet and juicy flavour as they are picked at their peak of their ripeness to ensure we provide you with high quality berries.

Blueberries farms

  • Central Burnett
    We have 184ha planted with Citrus and Blueberries. Our large modern Packing Shed is located onsite with capacity of 1,600 mandarin cartons per hour. We also offer grading, packing and cool storage facilities to growers in the area.

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