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Nutrano Celebrates a bountiful Lady Jane Mango Season

10 NOVEMBER 2023

As the Nutrano Produce Group nears the conclusion of the 2023 mango harvest season in Katherine, NT, they reflect on a bountiful Lady Jane season. The Lady Jane mango, often hailed as the "Queen of Tropics," boasts a unique and exquisite flavour profile that sets it apart from all other mango varieties. Its flavour is a harmonious blend of sweetness, juiciness, and a hint of tropical tang, ensuring an unforgettable eating experience.

Beneath the alluring and vibrant blush lies a velvety-smooth flesh, and with a smaller seed ensuring more deliciousness in every bite, all while offering its nutrient-rich goodness. Consumer testing has proven its excellence, ranking it favourably among other mango varieties for its robust mango flavour, enhanced sweetness with a hint of tang, and optimal firmness that guarantees the perfect texture and juiciness. This exceptional fruit is sure to become a favourite among mango enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

Jeremy Birt, CEO comments "This year, we take great pride in announcing the successful harvest of well over a million Lady Jane mangoes. As part of our strategic expansion, young trees have entered production to support our reach into South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, and New South Wales. Anticipating double-digit growth, this remarkable achievement is a testament to the dedication and passion of our highly skilled farming team”.

More than two decades in the making, with the expertise of a seasoned mango breeder, the Lady Jane tree bore its first fruit in 2001, marking the beginning of a journey to create a mango variety that would tantalize the taste buds of consumers. The first commercial planting took place on Nutrano's Eumaralla Farm in January 2013, setting the stage for Lady Jane to become a highly sought-after mango variety.

"We constantly strive to enhance our cultivation practices for this particular variety, working hard to pinpoint the optimal conditions for harvesting, packing, and storing the fruit. Our goal is to guarantee that the mango reaches consumers at its peak in terms of taste, aroma, and appearance.” says Mr Birt.

“As we close this chapter of the 2023 mango season, we look forward to future seasons with renewed excitement and 100% commitment to growing and delivering the best tasting mangoes for consumers to enjoy. Don't miss your last chance to savour our Lady Jane mangoes in Woolworths stores in QLD, NSW, VIC, and SA before the season draws to a close next week.”

Lady Jane Mangoes
Lady Jane Orchard