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Nutrano launches Lady Jane Mangoes

When it comes to the taste of the tropics, all-natural premium Lady Jane mangoes, simply reign supreme. Consumers will love their rich sweet flavour, smooth flesh and brilliant red blush.

Leading Australian produce company, Nutrano Produce Group is excited about the release of its new Lady Jane mangoes instore next week. “Our farm team have been monitoring the Lady Jane mangoes closely, testing brix, dry matter and blush colour to determine the ideal time to harvest. Quality is superb, and eating experience is fantastic”, says George Haggar, CEO of Nutrano.

Nutrano have been growing mangoes at its Eumaralla Farm in Katherine, NT for over 10 years. Home to the popular Sweet Cheeks Kensington Pride and R2E2 mangoes and now the queen of the tropics – Lady Jane mangoes.

“Mangoes are a very delicate fruit to grow. We’ve been working in partnership with expert mango breeder, Ken Rayner, to develop a great tasting mango for consumers to enjoy. We’re onto a real winner here with a superior mango variety that has been 20 years in the making, capable of withstanding the growing conditions in the Northern Territory and all aspects of the supply chain. We are very proud to be strategically connected with Ken and share his passion for the category” said Mr Haggar.

“To support growth in Nutrano’s NT mango operation, we recently upgraded our packing facilities to ensure strict cool chain management. We have also expanded our nursery operation to give us total control over the propagation of future Lady Jane plantings we are planning over the next 4 years.” said Mr Haggar.

Nutrano have also undertaken a brand refresh for Lady Jane with a new logo to reflect its premium quality and distinguishing red blush. Coupled with a marketing campaign targeting keen mango enthusiasts as well foodies and gourmet shoppers which includes in-store sampling, digital advertising and recipe inspiration. Due to limited volumes this season, Lady Jane mangoes will be available in selected Woolworths store in New South Wales and Victoria. Look for the red blushed mangoes with the special black Lady Jane sticker and display trays instore.

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